2015 Youth Olympic Games Qualifier Photo by Barry Gropman

2017/2018 Season (Junior Level)
Short dance:
“Mas Que Suerte” by Beatriz Luengo, “De Hombre A Mujer” by Donato & Estéfano, “Samba Hey” by El General
Free dance:
“Zavedi Me” by Hari Mata Hare, “Nyah” by Hector Teixeira Pereira & Hans Zimmer, “No Ronees Das Conmigo – Tangos De La Reponpa” by Susi
2018 U.S. National Championships – 4th
2018 Eastern Sectional Championships – 2nd
2017 ISU Junior Grand Prix Croatia Cup – 4th
2017 ISU Junior Grand Prix Brisbane – 4th
2017 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 3rd (SD/FD)

2016/2017 Season (Junior Level)
Short dance:
“Looking Like Danger” and “Back to Life” by New Kids on the Block; “Everybody” by Backstreet Boys
Free dance: 
“Getting on with It”, “Equation” and “Escape” by Richard Harvey & Hans Zimmer from Le Petit Prince
2017 U.S. National Championships – 6th
2017 Eastern Sectional Championships – 3rd
2016 NRW Trophy – 5th
2016 ISU Junior Grand Prix St. Gervais – 9th
2016 Lake Placid Ice Dance International – 3rd

2015/2016 Season (Junior Level)
Short dance: “The Story Of An Unknown Actor: IV. Waltz of Farewell” by Alfred Schnittke
Free dance: “Ice Queen” by Dinletir & “Rebirth 2” by Solace
2016 Bavarian Open – 2nd
2016 U.S. National Championships – 7th
2016 Midwestern Sectionals – 3rd
2015 ISU Junior Grand Prix USA – 10th
2015 LPIDC/YOGQ – 2nd (3rd SD; 2nd FD)
2015 Chesapeake Open 6th (SD A & FD B)
2015 Edward G. Picken Pro-Am – 1st (FD)

2014/2015 Season (Junior Level)
Short dance:
“Mi Chica” by Sarbel, “Gitti Gideli” by Tarkan
Free dance: “The Reel,” “Nocturne” and “Elan” by Secret Garden
2015 Eastern Sectional Championships – 5th
2014 Challenge Cup 2nd (SD); 1st (FD)
2014 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 4th (SD B); 4th (FD A)
2014 Chesapeake Open – 6th (SD); 11th (FD)

2013/2014 Season (Novice level)
Free dance:
“Come Along” by Titiyo and “Fake I.D.” by Big and Rich, featuring Gretchen Wilson from the Footloose (2011) soundtrack
2014 U.S. National Championships – 2nd
2014 Eastern Sectional Championships – 1st
2013 Challenge Cup – 1st (PD); 2nd (FD)
2013 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 1st (PD); 10th (FD)
2013 Chesapeake Open – 2nd (PD/FD)
2013 Edward G. Picken Pro-Am – 1st (PD); 2nd (FD)

2012/2013 Season (Intermediate level)
Rocker Foxtrot (skaters choice): “Am I Blue” by Linda Rondstadt, featuring Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra
Free dance: “Danses Hassidiques” from Les Adventures de Rabbi Jacob
2013 U.S. National Championships – 1st
2013 Eastern Sectional Championships – 1st
2012 Challenge Cup – 1st (PD/FD)
2012 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 1st (PD/FD)
2012 Chesapeake Open – 2nd (PD) 1st (FD)
2012 Edward G. Picken Pro-Am – 1st (PD & FD)
2012 Cherry Blossom Invitational – 1st (PD)

2011/2012 Season (Juvenile level)
Free dance: “Moon River”; “Pa’ Bailar” by Bajofondo
2012 U.S. Junior National Championships – 1st
2012 Eastern Sectional Championships – 1st
2011 Challenge Cup – 4th (pattern dances); 1st (free dance)
2011 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 2nd (pattern dances, free dance)
2011 Chesapeake Open – 1st (pattern dances); 3rd (free dance)
2011 Edward G. Picken Pro-Am – 1st (pattern dances)
2011 Cherry Blossom Invitational – 1st (pattern dances)

2010/2011 Season
Did not compete.

2009/2010 Season (Pre-juvenile level)
2010 South Atlantic Regional Championships (non-qualifying) – 2nd (compulsory dances)
2009 Challenge Cup – 1st (compulsory dances)
2009 Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships – 1st (compulsory dances)
2009 Edward G. Picken Pro-Am – 1st (compulsory dances)
2009 Cherry Blossom Invitational – 2nd (compulsory dances)