Hi Everyone!

Cherry Blossom was great; we won the Intermediate Pattern Dance Gold Medals, and a trophy!  We followed that up this past weekend at the Picken Pro-Am, where we won the Intermediate Pattern Dance Gold Medals, a trophy, and the Intermediate Free Dance Gold Medals.  Pictures from Cherry Blossom and Picken will be posted soon.  All the teams skated great at both competitions!

We’re off to a great start this season, and are hoping to carry our early momentum throughout the rest of the season!  We continue to work hard with our coaches on and off the ice six days a week, constantly trying to improve our skating programs and ourselves.   School ends soon, so we will be able to focus even more on our skating.

Our next competition is the Chesapeake Open.  This competition is unique, there is a USFSA Ice Dance Camp following the event.  Last year, Tanith Belbin & Charlie White visited the camp, and spent time working with all of the ice dancers.  It was awesome!  You can see some pictures from last year’s dance camp in the “With Champions” area of the Photos section.

Wish us luck!

Eliana and Ian